10 Step Home Buying Process

With some guidance and planning, buying your home will be simple! The following outlines the 10 steps to buying a home.

Ready To Buy A Home?

Before you begin your home search, there are several things you will need to consider. Put together your wish list of home features, organized by deal makers and deal breakers. Drive through neighborhoods to get a clear idea of what part of town you would like to live in. Plan your budget. Meet with a mortgage professional to assist you with determining which kind of loan is best for you and help you get qualified and well as discuss your goals and expectations and ensure they align with your ideal budget.

Let's Meet!

This is where I come in! Let’s schedule a time to meet to discuss your home buying options, desires and expectations. We'll talk about neighborhoods and features of different Tucson communities. We will preview homes online and schedule a time to begin the hunt!

House Hunting

Next, we'll schedule appointments to tour homes. I will get an idea of your tastes and preference as you tell me your likes and dislikes in each home. I'll point out the positive and negative features of each home as well. I will advise you on how well a home is priced considering the comparative homes sales in the area. It's common for clients to adjust their wish list as we view more homes and some things become more essential than others. I will adjust the search accordingly until we find the perfect home!

The One!

You have found your dream house in Tucson! Let’s sit down and create a competitive purchase offer to present the seller. The offer will reflect the desired price, earnest money, down payment, loan terms, and several built-in contingencies which include acquiring financing, inspections, and receiving a clear title. I will explain all these items in detail and answer any questions you may have. A closing date of 30-45 days will be requested in the offer to allow ample time for the inspection and loan process. If you are a cash buyer, we can close in as little as a few days.


The seller will receive your offer. It's common to receive a counter offer so please do not let it discourage you. If our offer is not simply accepted and a counter is presented, we’ll discuss whether to take it, submit another counter offer, or move on to find a different property. The market will often determine how competitive your offer will need to be to get accepted, keeping in mind your ideal budget. At the end of the day, we'll assemble a contract with terms that work for you.

Open Escrow

Upon final acceptance, you will drop off your earnest money check to our chosen Title Office, opening escrow and officially taking your dream home off the market.

Inspection Period

After an offer is accepted, the 10-day inspection period will begin. I will work with you and the Seller’s Agent to schedule Home, Roof, Termite and additional necessary inspections to ensure you learn all material facts about the home. We will review the Seller’s Disclosure Statement and past Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Claims and ask for clarity around any concerns. We will submit a ͞BINSR͟ or repair requests on Day 10 or sooner. The seller than has 5 days to respond to the requests. Based on their response, you can choose to move forward with closing or cancel with your earnest money.

Financing and Title

Your Lender and Title Officer will go to work on your loan. Please stay in close contact with both, turning in documents in a timely fashion, and I’ll be sure they receive all necessary property details, addenda, etc. Working together as a team during this time is crucial to ensure the home closes on time. The appraisal will also be ordered and must come in at least the sales price to meet the Appraisal Contingency. If it does not come in at value you have the option to cancel with your earnest money, come up with the difference in cash, or renegotiate the sales price. I will be right there of course to negotiate the best deal for you if this arises.

Close the Deal

You will receive a Settlement Statement within 3 days before closing on your home. I'll examine the estimate and let you know if everything looks permissible. Your loan will then be approved, and we will be clear for signing. Signing will occur at our chosen Title Company. We will also perform a Final Walk-Through to ensure all agreed upon repairs have been addressed.

Move In!

After closing day, I am always available for any questions you may have and would love to stay in touch for all your future real estate needs!

I can answer all your real estate questions about selling, buying or investing! Contact me