10 Step Home Selling Process

With some guidance and planning, selling your home will be simple! This page outlines the 10 steps to do just this:

Listing Appointment and Preliminary Paperwork

Congratulations on deciding to sell your home! Let’s schedule a Listing Appointment to meet in person at your home and discuss the selling process.

Market conditions and the condition of the home will ultimately determine the sales price. I'll discuss with you how quickly houses are selling in your area, interest rates, and whether it is a buyer's or seller's market. Setting a sales price too high can turn off buyers and may cause your home to sit on the market too long. Setting it loo low and you will be leaving money on the table. I'll recommend a price at which to list your home to meet your goals in the local market.

I will give you a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement or SPDS to complete, which discloses all of the known information about the home including any HOA dues, utility providers, termite treatments, any warranties on the home, recent repairs, etc. I will also have you request a No Loss letter from your Homeowner’s Insurance Company stating whether there have been any recent claims made on the home.

We will review the Listing Paperwork and I will thoroughly explain each document ensuring you understanding and comfort with the process.

Repairs and Pre-Inspections

This is also an important time to address and known issues with the home. Don’t leave repairs until later to be discovered by a home inspector. If too many issues arise, it can scare away a potential buyer or end up costing you more in repairs. I am happy to order you free roof and termite inspections. Have the AC and Furnace serviced. If you have a pool, make sure everything is in working order. Taking the time in th beginning will save you time and stress once you are in contract and there are timelines to adhere to.

Depersonalize and Neutralize

This is often an emotional and necessary step in detaching from the home and preparing it for a new owner. Love the red wall? It should likely be painted a neutral color. Children’s pictures on the refrigerator? It’s time to lovingly pack them away. If you don’t absolutely need it for a few months, it should be packed. This not only conveys to buyers that you are serious about selling, but also de-clutters the home and creates a clean, fresh palette. If you are dealing with an Estate Sale, I can make recommendations of companies to help you donate or sell items.

Staging to Sell

I will work with you to make suggestions on how to prepare and stage your home. Home staging often leads to a higher sales price and shorter time on the market. It is wise to spend as much time is needed to make a solid first impression. Staging emphasizes the characteristics of the home with thoughtfully placed furnishings and decorations so that your home looks more spacious and buyers can envision living in your home. Also pay attention to outdoor staging. Curb appeal is very important. Would the yard benefit from a splash of color and fresh flowers? Are the walkways clear of debris? A nice welcome mat can also make a great first impression.

Professional Photography and Marketing

Once your home is at its best I will move forward with scheduling a professional photography shoot. Please see "Preparing Your Home for Photos" by clicking here. Once photos are complete, I will use them to market your home on MLS, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Social Media and a dozen other affiliate sites as well as create full color flyers to leave at the home. Your home will be thoroughly marketed for maximum exposure.

Open Houses and Private Showings
I will hold public and broker Open Houses and arrange for private showings of your home until we receive the right offer.

Receiving an Offer

OfferOnce we receive an ideal offer, I will work with you and the Buyer’s agent to negotiate the best price and terms to meet your needs. Closing will be scheduled for 30-45 days in to allow ample time for the loan to fund. If it is a cash offer, closing could be in as soon as 10 days. Time to really start packing! Upon final acceptance, the Buyer will drop off the earnest money check to the chosen Title Office, opening escrow and officially taking your home off the market.

Inspection Period

After the offer is accepted, the 10-day inspection period will begin. The Buyer’s Agent will contact me to schedule Home, Roof, Termite and additional inspections to ensure the Buyer learns all material facts about the home. They will review the Seller’s Disclosure Statement and past Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Claims and ask for clarity around any concerns. The buyer will submit a ͞BINSR͟ or repair request list on Day 10 or sooner. You than have 5 days to respond to the requests. Based on your response, you can choose to move forward with closing or cancel with your earnest money. During this time, we will also receive a Loan Status Update showing that the Buyer’s Loan Process is moving along smoothly.


At this stage, you will address any agreed upon repairs and provide receipts for the Buyers. The Buyer will do a final walk-though 3 or more days before closing.

Appraisal and Signing

The appraisal must come in at the sales price or the Buyer has the. If the appraisal comes in low, the sales price can be lowered to meet the value, or the buyer will have to come up with the difference in cash, or they have the option to cancel with their earnest money. Once all inspection and appraisal contingencies are met and the Buyer’s loan is approved, we can schedule our singing appointment at the chosen Title Office.

Closing Day!

On your closing date, the deed will be recorded, and your home has officially sold! After closing day, I am always available for any questions you may have and would love to stay in touch for all your future real estate needs!

I can answer all your real estate questions about selling, buying or investing! Contact me